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We recognize the hours spent together in our professional environment. That's why we've fostered a space that's not only dedicated and efficient but also brimming with camaraderie and joy. We work diligently, we learn rapidly, and we ensure every moment is enjoyed to its fullest.

About ZatroX Studio

Our Culture

Driven by an unwavering mission, we at ZatroX Studio are dedicated to delivering outstanding digital marketing solutions. Our commitment runs deeper than just services; it's about forging genuine, transparent partnerships with our clients. Rooted in our core values and fueled by passion, we don't just excel in what we do - we truly cherish it.

Hybrid Work

We embrace flexibility in our working hours and vacation schedules, understanding that balance is key. And yes, our agency sees us unwinding together, not just on Fridays but whenever the moment feels right. Because while we're passionate about our craft, we also know the importance of playing hard!

Careers at ZatroX Studio

If you can't find the position you're seeking, don't fret! We're always on the lookout for passionate talents. Shoot us your CV, and let's see where your expertise can fit within the ZatroX Studio family!


What We Do

Paid Media Consultant

Don't miss this chance as a PPC specialist to join one of California's premier digital marketing agencies. Benefit from both professional growth and a fulfilling career trajectory in a forward-thinking agency, along with numerous core company perks.

Business Development Specialist

As a Business Development Specialist, you'll be pivotal in fueling growth by identifying sales leads and coordinating discussions between directors and top-tier executives of potential clients. Your expertise will center on spotting opportunities, engaging key decision-makers, and guiding leads through the sales journey.

SEO Executive (Technical)

Your role will be pivotal in ensuring that ZatroX Studio's content is optimized for search engines, driving organic traffic and enhancing our clients' online visibility. By collaborating with the SEO Consultants and Senior Consultants, you'll play a crucial part in shaping and implementing effective content campaigns that resonate with target audiences and adhere to the latest SEO best practices.

Content Writer

As a Content Writer at ZatroX Studio, you'll craft tailored narratives for diverse clients, working alongside Technical and Senior Consultants. You'll ensure each content piece resonates with the client's brand, while collaboratively refining strategies to enhance our clients' digital presence and market connectivity

Admin Assistant

As an Admin Assistant, you'll be instrumental in streamlining our executive's workflow, managing schedules, phones and ensuring efficient daily operations. Your organizational skills, attention to detail, and proactive approach will be key in this role.


This role involves going out into the field to capture professional photographs of our customers' businesses and services. These images will be a crucial part of our digital marketing media, website content, and social media platforms.


ZatroX Studio

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