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Entrust your website to the adept care of our Technical Support team. We don’t just maintain; we innovate, ensuring your site stays updated and finely-tuned for optimal performance.

Hosting & support

Do I need website hosting ?

Website hosting is more than just visibility; it’s the backbone of your digital presence. Imagine a fortified vault, safeguarding your site’s data while optimizing its speed—a critical factor for SEO. From compact portfolios to vast e-commerce platforms, our hosting solutions not only ensure smooth operations but also elevate your SEO standings.

Yes, you do.

In the digital realm, continuous access is paramount. Hosting isn’t just about online space—it’s ensuring your business is open 24/7 on any device. Whether it’s shared, dedicated, or specially tailored for WordPress, our hosting solutions uphold that uninterrupted promise to your audience.


Web Hosting & Support

What is domain registration?

Securing your unique online identity is essential. By registering your domain, you're claiming your digital real estate, like staking a claim on It's yours, and only yours. This also guides Google to your website's address book, the DNS (Domain Name System). Make the smart move and anchor your brand in the digital world.

Hosting & support

Our Website Support Services


What We Do

Website Task

Relinquish the weight of web hosting concerns and focus on what you do best: nurturing your business. At ZatroX Studio, we're on standby, ready to tackle those spontaneous website needs whenever they arise. Let us handle the tech, while you steer your business vision.

Highly Secure Network

Our hosting services stand out with multi-layer security protocols, firewalls, and regular backups. We employ comprehensive measures like hardening, uptime checks, and more to ensure top-tier protection. Every site under our care benefits from our commitment to its uninterrupted security. Trust in our expertise to maintain and elevate your digital presence.

Website Plugin Updates

Always stay a step ahead. Regularly updating software and plugins, we ensure your website operates at peak efficiency. By doing so, we not only maintain speed but fortify your site's security, guaranteeing a smooth digital experience for your business.

Cloud Based Backups

We prioritize your website's security and integrity. Every week and day, like clockwork, we back up your site to the cloud, ensuring data safety and easy accessibility. In the rare event of a hiccup, rest assured, we can seamlessly revert your site to its most recent backup.

Website Tweaks

We understand that even minor glitches like broken links or typos can dent your SEO performance. Hence, we're vigilant, routinely scanning your website to identify and rectify any discrepancies, ensuring your online presence remains unblemished.

Optimized Website Speed

Our expert web engineers meticulously examine every corner of your website. After a comprehensive audit, we provide actionable insights to enhance website speed and guarantee seamless operation for an optimal user experience.

Hosting & support

Unlimited support task of up to 30 minutes each

Gain instant access to a dedicated webmaster, ready to serve your website needs at ZatroX Studio. Our Website Support Business and Premium packages offer an array of unlimited 30-minute tasks to ensure your site remains top-notch.

Mutli-level support

From mending broken links, refreshing content, to tweaking designs or stylesheets, and even handling plugin updates or form setups — we’ve got you covered at ZatroX Studio. Our expert tech squad intimately understands every corner of your website, promptly addressing tasks that can be accomplished within a 30-minute window. Should you seek tech guidance, we’re just a phone call away, always ready to steer you on the optimal path.

web hosting & support

Uncomplicate your online presence with ZatroX Studio. We make website hosting straightforward, secure, and seamless.

Website Reliability

We prioritize reliability and excellence in our hosting services. We understand the importance of maintaining a robust online presence; hence, we ensure minimal downtimes and always have a contingency plan in place for your peace of mind

Website Security

Website security is paramount with us. By tapping into the robust infrastructure the platform stacked on top of the Google Platform and the premium tier of Google's network, we offer unparalleled safety and speed. Our commitment to clean, secure code is enhanced by real-time protection, advanced security, and the added resilience of the Cloudflare network. These layers of defense ensure that your website isn't just hosted; it's shielded, fortified, and steadfast for the modern web.

Lighting Fast Loading Website

Choosing a subpar hosting provider often leads to overcrowded servers with clients vying for limited resources. The result? Sluggish website performance that can spike your bounce rate. We prioritize quality, ensuring each site gets the optimal resources it deserves for swift and seamless loading.

24/7 hosting uptime

Rest easy, knowing your website receives unwavering support every hour of every day, all year round. Skip the ticket queues and automated responses; just dial and connect directly with our devoted team for any concerns.

Control Panel Management

Despite managing your website intricacies, we ensure you retain complete control over your domain and hosting credentials from the outset. Should you ever choose to transition to another host or developer in the future, transferring your website will be a breeze.

Scalable Bandwidth

Recognizing the importance of business growth, we ensure your website mirrors your ambitions. Instead of confining you with size restrictions, our premium website hosting is designed to adapt to your expanding requirements.

Hosting & Support


Our managed hosting ensures seamless performance. We diligently update all core components and plugins, guaranteeing your site operates smoothly.


Standard Package for startups use



Kickstart your online journey. Tailored for budding businesses and startups, it offers cost-effective performance while we handle hosting, security, and plugin updates, leaving site enhancements in your capable hands.
Includes :


Premium Package for Small Business



Elevate your online presence with our Business Hosting Plan, designed for businesses seeking hands-on assistance. Enjoy unlimited support tasks for quick updates and personalized attention to cater to your business website needs
Includes :


Package for Dedicated Organization



Experience top-tier hosting with our Enterprise Plan, tailor-made for businesses desiring intensive support and collaboration. Benefit from hands-on WooCommerce/shop updates and engage in monthly strategy calls to ensure rapid, aligned growth.
Includes :

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We're here to help! Contact us 24/7 for questions about our pricing options or help deciding which plan is right for you. Looking for more? Ask for our custom quotes.

All In One Cloud Management Platform

Hosting, developing, and registering a domain under one roof streamlines your digital journey. At ZatroX Studio, we handle every facet of your website, from inception to ongoing care. By centralizing your hosting details, we eliminate the fuss of juggling multiple agencies, ensuring a seamless experience.


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