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Domains, SSL Certificates + Transfers

We offer affordable domain registration starting at $15 a year. Save more by getting a FREE domain name included with any of our managed cloud hosting plans.

You can transfer your domain by completing the Transfer Domain Form on our page. It requires the Epp Code/ Auth Code from your existing domain provider (Can be emailed by your old provider to you at your request). Transferring your domain over with us not only extends your domain registration by 1 year, it’s also FREE when combined with our cloud hosting services.

Yes, transferring is possible, however, because every website is built differently, your current site will have to be rebuilt on our platform to take full advantage of our features. Additional charges apply. 

Login to your domain registrar. Go to DNS Settings > Update Name Servers > Add/Edit custom nameservers. Enter at least two name servers to connect to your hosting. The DNS must then propagate around the world, which can take up to 24-48 hours.

There are many different sites that offer SSL certificates for purchase, however, when you host with ZatroX Studio, we provide the SSL certificate for free.

Yes, it will require domain verification but it can be used.

Hosting Security

Security is our top priority. We partnered with Cloudflare and CDN to provide rock-solid protection. We use the most up-to-date, best performing HTTP/3 implementation, web application firewall (WAF), Smart AI Security, network firewall rulesets, SSL certificate compression, automatic hardening, TLS record level optimization, hardening, and server level reCAPTCHA.

All data is encrypted and isolated at every level, including our Encrypted Persistent SSD's, using AES-256 encryption.

WhoisGuard is a privacy protection service that prevents people from seeing your name, address, phone number and email when they do a Whois search on your domain. It puts its own address and information on record instead of yours to protect you from potential spam or identity theft.

Hosting Support

Easy! Log into your account and then click Support at the top and click “Open New Ticket”. A support team member will reach out shortly.

Yes, migrating is possible, however, because every website is built differently, your current site may not get the full functionality of all our tools. To ensure the best functionality using our hosting, we suggest a site rebuild using our team and resources. Additional charges apply for development.

Website service updates are automatically completed by our team. Back-ups are made before any update is run and we verify the quality of the website after the update is complete.

Technical FAQ's

We have partnered with Google Cloud Network to provide our clients the fastest and most reliable cloud network infrastructure possible. On top of that we build and develop a full platform stack with powerful enterprise speed.

Yes, our cloud hosting service has on-demand instant deployment making upgrading or downgrading quick and easy with a click of a button.

Deployment of our platform and tools are instant.

Yes, depending on the package selected, additional license charges may apply for additional users.

Yes. We offer one free dedicated IP per hosting service purchased with us.

During our free demo consultation, we will establish how much is needed based on your business goals and app requirements.

Yes. We provide space for any staging or cloning of sites that may be necessary as well as maintenance mode for any updates.

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