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ZatroX Studio is a full-service website design agency with a game-changing, easy-to-use management platform. We focus on delivering custom websites and high-impact digital marketing solutions for businesses serving their local communities and beyond.

How we work

Our Process

ZatroX Studio

Insight into our well-tested, proven process for bringing your business’ brand to life online.

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Discovery Call

We use this time to learn about your business, its pain points, and its goals to ensure we’re a good fit to partner. If both parties decide to move forward together, we will provide a Project Intake Form for you to complete once the service is ordered.

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Project Intake Form

We curated a form that allows you to get organized and provides all the information we’ll need to build your website from the ground up. It requires some time on your part, but completing it thoroughly makes the process much smoother and more manageable.

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Kick-Off Call

This call is to review the project details together before beginning the design. We review the intake form and make sure we received all assets we needed for the project.

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Design + Layout

Based on your information, we design a custom design + layout that brings your brand identity to life online. Once we have this built out, we will present it to you for approval. Upon approval, we will complete the rest of the web pages.

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Pages Complete + Revisions

Once the design and pages are laid out, we meet for a round of revisions, making any adjustments you see fit to the overall design and placement of photos and text boxes.

Keep in mind you will be fully onboarded to our platform and taught how to change specific pictures and text – we’re like the contractors building your house, and then you’ll come in to furnish and decorate when the structure is complete.

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Mobile Responsiveness

We ensure that your business website is mobile responsive for all devices, including; desktop, mobile, tablet, and wide-screen monitors.

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Custom Integrations

The best part about having a fully custom website built to your specs is that each software we integrate into your new website is there for a specific purpose – to make running your business easier and more efficient!

Note, if we are building your new design on a demo site, some integrations may have to be completed when the new site design is transferred to it’s main domain.

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Auditing + Testing + Optimizing

We complete multiple rounds of audits and testing to ensure everything is in working order before we remove the coming soon page and launch your newly designed website.

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Your new site design is live on your domain for the public to view and use. We will give you your credentials for the website. Please go on; show it off!

This stage marks the completion of the web design + development package project scope.

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Now that your site is live, we will teach you how to make edits and use the platform’s back end. We can even build a robust dashboard with Google Analytics integrated so you can control your website and see how it performs.

We record our onboarding calls so you have them to go back and reference.

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