The Benefits Of Fast & Reliable E-commerce Cloud Hosting

The Benefits Of Fast & Reliable E-commerce Cloud Hosting

During your custom e-commerce web development project, you may not be thinking about the importance of choosing the right hosting provider. High-quality, speedy e-commerce web hosting is just as essential as building a slick, easy-to-use website.

Slow Hosting Can Cost You A Lot Of Business

Did you know what the number 1 killer of conversion rates is? Speed. If your website is slow, customers will leave. It’s that simple. According to Cloudflare, web pages that load in 2.4 seconds have a 1.9% conversion rate – while pages that load in 4.2 seconds have a conversion rate of less than 1%.

Web hosting is one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to your website’s speed. Unless you’re using a high-quality cloud hosting company and you’ve optimized your e-commerce store, you’re likely missing out on sales.

Downtime Is Extremely Expensive For E-commerce Stores

Speed is important, but it’s not everything. You also need a business cloud hosting company that offers high uptime. If your website goes down, you’re losing sales every minute that it’s down (think annoying internal error messages). This could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per hour, depending on your e-commerce sales volume.

Your business cloud hosting partner should be doing their best to provide reliable hosting that will ensure your website can serve customers 24/7. Many hosts can’t guarantee 100% uptime because they house so many sites on their servers, but the ZatroX Platform can. We ensure quality over quantity and don’t cut any corners.

ZatroX Studio’s Cloud Hosting Platform Is Perfect For E-commerce

At ZatroX Studio, we’re a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs who are looking to launch or improve their e-commerce stores. With our unique, fast and high-performance cloud hosting, you’ll enjoy lighting fast speed and reliability for your online store.

The Benefits Of Fast & Reliable E-commerce Cloud Hosting

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